brushing your teeth

Stop Doing These Things When Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is the first line of defense to maintaining your oral health. Brushing helps remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth, leading to tooth decay and other infections. However, not many people know how to brush right. If you get off your brushing routine for too long, you can say goodbye to the

how often should I change my toothbrush

How Often Should I Change My Toothbrush?

Changing your toothbrush is always good practice for maintaining oral hygiene. But do you know why? Brushing teeth and flossing are good ways to prevent cavities and dental diseases. However, toothbrushes should not last forever. Manufacturers and orthodontists often recommend replacing toothbrushes after three to four months of use. There are multiple reasons why you

coffee and your teeth

Coffee And Your Teeth

Many people start the day with a lovely cup of coffee. However, have you ever thought about the impact your morning cup has on your teeth? Most adults drink two or three cups of joe daily. Coffee has a high concentration of caffeine that helps you stay awake and alert. Additionally, caffeine also helps stimulate

best and worst drinks for your teeth

The Best and Worst Drinks for Your Oral Health

Did you know what you drink can affect your dental health? You would be surprised how often your drinking habits impact your mouth and overall health. To preserve that perfect smile, you must choose the right drink. However, the options are not as easy as you would think. Luckily, this article will help you determine

Should I Correct My Diastema?

Having gaps between your teeth is not something to worry about. Diastema is pretty common in children and adults. But for some people having gappy teeth does seem like a bother. You might not like how your teeth look or how easily food gets stuck between your teeth. In this article, we will find out

All You Need To Know About Dental Sealants

Undoubtedly, proper dental hygiene and regular dental visits can increase your teeth’s lifespan. But besides that, you may need dental treatment along the way to guard your oral health and ensure your teeth remain clean and functional for a prolonged period. Dental sealants are a common preventive treatment usually applied at the onset of tooth

Gum Graft Surgery

Did you know that gum graft surgery is one of the US’s most common and routine periodontal procedures? If you are looking for some insight on how gum grafting is, then stick around. Many people think of oral hygiene as preventing and managing tooth decay. However, gum health is also important if you want to

Why Are My Gums Turning Black?

The gums are tenacious tissues that cover and stabilize the teeth. Gums’ natural hue varies from person to person and ranges from red to pink. However, some people have brownish or darker gums due to the natural melanin pigment. Other people may also be born with black gums due to other causes, such as medications

Teeth Are Not Tools

Your teeth are remarkable and have many capabilities. They are meant to chew our food to aid the digestive process, i.e., teeth are for chewing. In addition, teeth improve our ability to talk effectively and protect the health of our jawbones. They additionally give the lower portion of our faces structural support. They give us

Are Whiter Teeth Healthier? The Surprising Truth About Whitening

There are many claims about white teeth. Some people believe that whiter teeth are healthier, while others think this is a myth. On the one hand, whiter teeth often indicate good oral hygiene. This is because people who take care of their teeth are more likely to brush and floss regularly, which helps to remove

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