Wisdom Tooth

Considerations For Wisdom Tooth Removal

The third molars (the innermost teeth on each side at the top and bottom) are called “wisdom teeth”. The term is thought to have been used as the teeth appear between 17 and 25 years when a person enters adulthood and is “wiser.” The removal of wisdom teeth can have a substantial impact on the

Tooth Sensitivity

10 Best Ways to Treat Teeth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental condition, but it doesn’t have to become a big problem. According to the American Dental Association, one in four Americans suffer from some degree of tooth sensitivity. There are several ways to find relief if you have sensitive teeth and experience discomfort from eating cold foods or drinking hot

Does Alcohol affect implants

Does Alcohol Affect Dental Implants?

Following a dental implant procedure, it is best to refrain from excessive alcohol consumption. Consuming too much alcohol can greatly affect your health. This includes putting your dental implant at risk of avascular necrosis (AVN). Abstaining gives your dental implant time to recover after a surgical procedure. Also, your dental implant should not be affected

are dental implants safe for kids

Are Dental Implants Safe for Kids?

Are you trying to find a solution for your child’s missing tooth? You may consider getting them a tooth implant to solve the problem. We all know that accidents happen all the time, especially with kids. All the energy and playfulness can lead to a tooth getting chipped or, worse, knocked out. Dental implants are

probiotics and oral health

Probiotics And Oral Health

Are you having problems with bad breath or inflamed gums? Probiotics are a nice solution to solving some of the oral issues that you might be experiencing. There are millions of microbes living in your body, including your mouth. Some of these microbes include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. However, not all these microorganisms are there

teeth whitening vs veneers

Teeth Whitening Vs. Porcelain Veneers: Which Is Best for You?

Teeth staining is a common phenomenon for many people. Though stained teeth are not a dental issue unless you have an underlying oral condition, it poses an aesthetic problem for some people. Getting some color back to your teeth is mainly a cosmetic dental procedure. Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are some common methods of


Do I Have Dysgeusia?

Have you ever tasted your food and suddenly everything tastes sour, bitter, or metallic? If that’s the case, you may wonder, “do I have dysgeusia?” Dysgeusia is a taste disorder that distorts your perception of taste. People with this condition describe food as having a sour, sweet, bitter, or metallic taste. Dysgeusia can be from

common dental problems

Common Dental Implant Problems and Their Treatments

While a dental implant procedure is one of the most effective treatments for rehabilitating missing teeth, it is not fit for everyone. Patients have noticed various complications and risks with dental implants. This article summarizes the potential problems that can result from dental implants and their treatment options so you can protect your investment. Dental

implants or dental bridges

Dental Implants Vs. Dental Bridges: Which Is the Best Procedure For You?

Dental implants or bridges are the most popular teeth restoration options. While both restoration options can accomplish similar tasks, they are entirely different tools. In some situations, implants tend to be more beneficial than bridges. Here is everything you need to know about these two options. Dental Implants A dental implant is an artificial tooth

woman eating chocolate

The Truth About Chocolate and Your Teeth

Chocolate is one of the most sought delicacies in the world, and people have been consuming this sweet treat for decades. Although most consider chocolate the ultimate feel-good food, we have been told that sugary foods are harmful to the teeth, especially with extended or prolonged exposure. But is chocolate such a great deal? Let’s

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