Everything You Need to Know About Getting Braces as An Adult

adult with braces

Most people view perfectly aligned teeth positively because you often find them in young and healthy people. Straight teeth are considered more attractive, typically seen in people who still have strong and healthy teeth, free from advanced gum disease and dental decay.

But not all people with straight teeth have always had them. Many adults wore braces as children to get straight teeth. Some adults even wear braces to get better-aligned teeth.

If you are here, there is a high chance you are an adult considering getting braces. Similarly, you are also wondering about the aesthetic pros and cons of this type of orthodontic treatment.

The good news is that the benefits extend beyond aesthetics and are important because crooked teeth, misaligned bites, and jaw alignment can cause severe problems when you get older.

Therefore, know that braces are a great investment in oral health. With that said, here are a few things you should know about getting this kind of orthodontic treatment as an adult.

You Have Options

Know that you have multiple options even as an adult considering braces.

Traditional braces do not break easily because they are built to last. But adults do not usually want these braces because they are often visible.

Most adults will choose clear aligners such as Invisalign®, which are almost invisible. You can take the trays out while eating, meaning you can still eat all your favorite foods.

When you are finally ready to get braces, talk to your dentist and find out what suits you best. Braces today are smaller than before, so you do not have to get those big, metallic options.

In fact, you might find the thinner ones are just as effective as their metal counterparts, and they will not bother you as much.

Prevents Future Issues

Straightening the teeth is not all about having a perfect smile. Braces can help you avoid oral health complications down the road. For instance, cleaning teeth that press against each other is hard. Being unable to clean them properly could lead to plaque build-up. This build-up can then cause decay and gum disease.

If your food is frequently stuck between your teeth and you cannot clean them properly, you have a higher chance of suffering gum disease or tooth decay. Braces can fix this, making cleaning your teeth easier and more efficient.

They Are Not Forever

Some adults think that if they wear braces, they will have to wear them for a very long time. This is not true. You can get braces at any age and wear them for a year or two before taking them off. Most adult braces typically need to be worn for 12 to 24 months.

How long you will need to wear the braces will depend on the style of braces you choose and the severity of your alignment issue.

Most people go into adult braces with an alignment goal, as advised by the practitioners. You can ask your doctor to estimate how long you need to wear the braces to reach your goal. But most people need braces for one and a half years.

Furthermore, thanks to the different tech advancements, they do not make you look less appealing.

Surprisingly Convenient

Braces for adults are convenient because dentists have advanced treatments and solutions. You will be in and out of your dentist’s office faster than you think. Additionally, you do not have to book many appointments. You can review most of your updates in the comfort of your home.

Need For a Retainer

Once you take the braces off, you will have a healthy and aligned smile. However, there is still more work to be done.

You will need a retainer to help keep the teeth properly aligned for the next one and a half months after removing the braces. You must wear the retainer every day for six weeks, sometimes longer.

Improved Confidence

Confidence always matters; in social situations and work experiences. It allows you to put yourself out there and interact better with family and friends. Unfortunately, misaligned teeth can greatly affect your confidence, especially if you are insecure about them or someone keeps pointing them out.

You will find it hard to keep eye contact, smile, speak, or participate comfortably in certain activities and events. Luckily, getting braces is the first step to a better smile that makes you feel more confident.

When you finally remove the braces, your teeth will be more aligned, allowing you to smile and interact comfortably.

A straighter dental formula can improve your whole appearance like a fresh, new hairstyle would. A vibrant and aesthetically pleasing smile will help boost your confidence because you will wear that smile comfortably.


More adults are searching for ways to straighten their teeth, and with the success rates and promise of a better smile, it only makes sense.

As an adult, you can get anything from traditional metal-based braces to Invisalign and even ceramic braces. The options are endless.

So, if you have any reservations about adult braces, we hope you have found helpful information to help you make the right decision.

Remember that you are never too old to get straight teeth. Additionally, it would be best if you did not wait too long because you risk developing dental diseases.

If you need more guidance, book an appointment with us. Our practitioners will address any concerns you may have about getting braces. We will lead you to the right solution.

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