Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity In Children: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

When you think about tooth sensitivity, it is unlikely that you will think about our child in relation. But it’s normal to only think about adults when tooth sensitivity comes up. This is why many parents are shocked when their kids complain about tooth sensitivity. If you cannot bear the discomfort of tooth sensitivity, imagine

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Do I Need Professional Dental Care?

Professional dental care is one of those things you will come across as an adult. Perhaps you had regular visits to the dentist when you were younger but barely any as an adult. Many avoid regular professional dental services because they deem them unnecessary, adopting the ‘only go when you’re sick’ attitude. Other reasons many

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction: Why You Need It and What to Expect

Losing your teeth as a child (milk teeth) is a normal part of development. Eventually, you will grow your permanent teeth to replace the ones that you lost. However, you may need to lose a tooth or two as an adult. Sometimes, tooth extraction is a necessary procedure for adults. It is the removal of

Dentist for Kids

Care for Your Kid’s Teeth: 8 Tips You Need to Know

A child’s teeth are essential for the future. Good milk teeth often lead to good permanent teeth. And this is what every guardian should want. Most children are not as active when it comes to taking care of their teeth. That is why every guardian must take up the mantle. If your child does not

Why Gums Hurt

Why Do My Gums Hurt?

It is not uncommon to eat or brush your teeth then experience pain from your teeth. But it can also happen to your gums. Some people experience soreness and pain coming from the gums when eating or brushing their teeth. This pain can be mild to severe, but it is always an indicator of an

Kids Braces

Wearing and Caring For New Braces

Braces are pretty common in children. When the permanent teeth grow in, some children will require braces to align the structure. This ensures that the child does not develop a misaligned bite. Additionally, they help to align the jaw structure. However, braces are not just for children—some adults need them too. Many adults who wear

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is The Best Time To Have Them Removed?

Thinking of taking out your wisdom teeth but isn’t sure if it’s the right time? That okay because we can help you! Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure for most people. However, some factors can determine if it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth are the last three molars to the

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitive to Cold: Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal With It

Some people experience tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity occurs when you feel pain, discomfort, or irritation when your teeth contact food or beverages at extreme temperatures. Therefore, you may feel pain when you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee. Dentin hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is any pain or discomfort in the teeth due to hot

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Bruxism – How to manage Teeth and Jaw under Pressure?

Bruxism is a habit that continues to thrust your jaws and grind or clench your teeth. It affects your oral health. For that reason, your teeth may break or crack leading to dental issues with your gum. Children and adults, both may be affected due to pressure mounted on jaws and teeth. Patients who are

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay and Dental Anxiety

Tooth Decay can cause infection in the oral cavity. It can cause extensive damage to your teeth with bacterial formation. Your teeth has three layers – the outer layer is known as the enamel, the middle one is called dentin, and the central region is known as the pulp. The layers of the teeth are

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