Habits That Damage Your Teeth During Summer

Summer brings a sort of carefree vibe that makes people a little less strict with their routines. Especially if you are going on vacation. Diets, exercise routines, and other healthy regimens do not apply when you are sipping mimosas by the beach. But unfortunately, there are some things you cannot neglect for more than three

Everything You Need To Know About Space Maintainers

Maybe you had space maintainers when you were little and did not know why. Or your dentist might have recommended them for your child after losing their baby teeth too early. This article will answer a few questions about space maintainers and why they are necessary for your child. What Is A Space Maintainer? As

woman using dental floss

Professional Oral Care Tips For The Holidays

Both children and adults need to adopt an oral care routine. It guarantees adequate protection of your teeth and gums. Most people can keep up with a daily routine, including brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and scraping. However, when the holidays roll in, you could get caught up in the celebrations and miss essential steps of your

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