How To Clean and Care For Invisalign Retainers

Are you on the journey to the perfect smile? Most people who are, have an Invisalign retainer. This article should prove helpful if you have this retainer, as it covers what the Invisalign retainer does and its proper care. You do not always need to wear braces to get a perfect smile. Braces can be

Is Oil Pulling For Teeth Safe?

Over the years, oil pulling has become a popular trend for holistic and natural teeth cleaning. But the question is, does it work, and is it safe for your teeth? Many people still have questions and doubts about the oil pulling process and its benefits to dental health. It is always better to get advice

Habits That Damage Your Teeth During Summer

Summer brings a sort of carefree vibe that makes people a little less strict with their routines. Especially if you are going on vacation. Diets, exercise routines, and other healthy regimens do not apply when you are sipping mimosas by the beach. But unfortunately, there are some things you cannot neglect for more than three


An Apicoectomy is a common dental procedure where inflamed gum tissue and the end of the root of your tooth are removed while the top of your tooth is left in place. It is often called a root-end resection because it works on the end or tip of your root called the apex. It is

Oral Piercings And Dental Health

Are you thinking of getting a tongue, gum, or lip piercing? It is a stylish and excellent accessory to have. But have you ever wondered if it would affect your dental health? Do not get us wrong; we believe that self-expression is essential to everyone. And if you love body modification, then you should explore

Sweet Summer: Securing Dental Health This Summer

The sun, sand, surf, and celebration season is finally here. And with borders opening up to visitors since the pandemic is manageable. Many people are looking to travel and finally have a well-deserved vacation. Whether traveling solo or with your kids, it is important to realize that your dental habits are not on vacation. You


The first time getting dentures can feel like your lips are being pushed forward and that your teeth are too big. Within the first few days, this will subside. During the first two weeks, the best way to get used to your dentures is to keep them in your mouth progressively longer each day. The

Dental Health and Hormones: Vital Information For Women

Your mood, sex drive, and even weight are often at the mercy of your hormones if you are a woman. Hormonal changes can have adverse effects on the body, and these aspects are barely the surface of how far hormones can reach. Did you know that your hormones can also affect your dental health? Most

Everything You Need To Know About Space Maintainers

Maybe you had space maintainers when you were little and did not know why. Or your dentist might have recommended them for your child after losing their baby teeth too early. This article will answer a few questions about space maintainers and why they are necessary for your child. What Is A Space Maintainer? As

Possible Causes Of Jaw Pain

Do you ever experience sudden numbing pain from your jaw that spreads to other parts of the face? Don’t worry; it happens to more people than you would think. Jaw pain is a recurring issue in most people, and it often spreads to other parts of the face, making it hard to pinpoint at times.

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