How to treat tooth grinding?

Excessive grinding of teeth, unconscious and involuntary can be defined as bruxism. There is forceful contact between the biting surfaces of the maxillary and mandibular teeth during bruxism. This is then called wakeful or diurnal bruxism or during sleep known as nocturnal bruxism when bruxism may occur while awake. It is believed to be multifactorial

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitive to Cold: Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal With It

Some people experience tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity occurs when you feel pain, discomfort, or irritation when your teeth contact food or beverages at extreme temperatures. Therefore, you may feel pain when you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee. Dentin hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is any pain or discomfort in the teeth due to hot

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Bruxism – How to manage Teeth and Jaw under Pressure?

Bruxism is a habit that continues to thrust your jaws and grind or clench your teeth. It affects your oral health. For that reason, your teeth may break or crack leading to dental issues with your gum. Children and adults, both may be affected due to pressure mounted on jaws and teeth. Patients who are

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