The Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are specialized structures used by dentists to replace missing teeth. Implants have screws to help anchor a custom-made crown to your jawbones. The crown is connected to the device’s screws by an abutment. Implants should, however, not be confused with bridges and dentures. Dentures do not get permanently screwed onto your jawbones and can be removed on demand.

Today, the market is flooded with many different types of dental implants. The latest implants come in a wide variety of heights, types, and sizes. Your dental surgeon will determine the right fit for you after a thorough assessment. The implants you get fitted with depends on factors like your health and budget. The common types of dental implants are:


a) Endosteal

This is the most pervasive implant on the market. Endosteal is made using titanium material for enhanced durability. It’s firmly fixed to your healthy jawbone.


b) Subperiosteal

This option gets fitted under your oral gums. The subperiosteal structure often rests on the gun, but the implant can be fitted above your jawbones as well. This variety is ideal for patients with weakened jawbones. It is also fitted in those patients who do not wish to undertake a costly dental augmentation procedure to restore their jawbones.

Other procedures recommended for persons with weak and unhealthy bones include ridge expansion and sinus elevation or sinus rift apart from bone augmentation.

Let us look at the top ten outstanding benefits associated with fitting dental implants without any further ado. Hopefully, this article will convince you to finally go for this procedure and restore your once-picture-perfect smile and boost your confidence levels like never before!


1. Natural Look

Dental implants fit perfectly into your gums, and it is nearly impossible for anyone to notice you’ve got them on. These structures match perfectly with your natural teeth alignments for a comfortable experience.


2. Durability

Dentures, especially the endosteal types, are remarkably long-lasting. According to the expert Dental Artists, they often come with a lifespan of between five to eight years. The titanium material is incredibly resistant to wear and tear and can easily last for a decade.


3. Protects Bones

Lose of teeth speeds up the loss of bone density at the empty slot where your tooth used to be. Dental experts claim that the bone density around that empty spot decreases by as much as 25% in the first year of losing your tooth. The lack of a root brings about this loss. Fixing dental implants, however, mimics the root function and safeguards your bones from density loss.


4. Anchors teeth

A missing tooth will most certainly throw the adjacent teeth out of proper alignment. The remaining teeth start to shift towards the empty slot, which can adversely affect your overall appearance. Use dental implants to keep your teeth firmly intact and stable for a lovely smile, always. As screws firmly anchor them to your bones, users can bite as hard as they want without compromising these artificial structures’ integrity.


5. Enhanced Self-Esteem

Nothing bolsters confidence and self-esteem than having beautiful and healthy-looking teeth. Poorly aligned teeth also cause speech problems which eat away your esteem and confidence. Go for quality dental implants and enhance your image and for proper pronunciation of words. What’s more, missing teeth encourage the formation of unwanted tooth cavities, and this condition erodes your confidence, as well.


6. Youthful Look

Teeth play an essential role in preserving your original face structure. Additionally, missing teeth accelerate bone density loss. These issues cause your facial muscles to sag, and you appear old and wrinkly Get yourself dental implants to help maintain a youthful demeanor. The implants will trick your root into thinking that there is still a growing tooth and, in the process, encourage bone growth.


7. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning your dental implants is a straightforward process. Taking care of implants involves normal teeth care practices such as daily brushing, cleaning, check-ups, and flossing.

That is in comparison to using bridges and dentures that often require extra care and maintenance. People with dentures have a hectic time removing their temporary fittings every night to clean them before they sleep. Use implants and save yourself such inconveniences.


8. Value for Money

Getting fitted with the latest dental implants sets you back a good sum of money. But, this initial expense is the only cost you’ll incur for the next fifteen-plus years. On the other hand, dentures and bridges are significantly cheaper to fit, but you’ll keep on spending cash to maintain them. Therefore, invest in the long-term and opt for the dental implants, and you are as good as done.


9. Enhanced Comfort

You do not get that odd feeling with dental implants that comes from having dentures, bridges, or braces in your mouth. Implants match perfectly with your natural teeth, and you will have a comfortable time talking and chewing. Your dentist will peruse the different types of devices available to find the best fit for your mouth. What is more, these structures serve to reduce painful tooth sensitivity.


10. Resounding Success Rate

Dental implants have been proven to have a 98% success rate over alternatives like dentures and bridges. There is a very slim chance that the implants backfire and have to be removed later on. It is up to your dental expert to determine the best locations to screw on your implants for assured success.


11. Reduced Safety and Risks

Getting dental implants is a safe procedure, provided a certified dental surgeon does it. There’s very little risk of complications once your dental surgeon ascertains that you are indeed the right candidate for this procedure. People with acute illnesses, bone infections, soft tissue anomalies are ineligible for these treatments. Dentists also discourage this restorative procedure on heavy smokers and HIV/AIDS patients. If such high-risk persons go for dental implants, they risk complications such as nerve damage or infected implants. The implants might also come off.

If you have been suffering from missing teeth, dental implants come as the most ideal solution for restoring your once-radiant smile. You will witness improved confidence and self-esteem that will work wonders in your personal and professional lives. They are also remarkably durable, easy to maintain, effective, comfortable and, offer excellent value for your money. Most importantly, these implants appear and feel perfectly natural in your oral cavity and allow you to go about your daily affairs uninterrupted.

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