How to fix Bad breath and Abscessed Tooth?

fix bad breath

Bad breath is a common issue among the general public as a wide majority of people have been told by their fellow friends or co-workers about their bad breath. There is nothing to be embarrassed about as bad breath can be fixed along with bacterial formation leading to an abscessed tooth. It is difficult to detect bad breath on our own until our close friends or relatives honestly tell us. It might be frightening in the beginning as most people resort to using mouthwash or visit a dentist. You can use fresheners to keep your bad breath neutral but it is not going to fix the issue permanently. In case, if your visit to the dentist didn’t yield desired results then it can be worrisome as bad breath can be caused due to stomach reflex or tonsil issues. Some medications can also lead to bad breath.


How to get rid of bad breath and abscessed teeth?

Oral hygiene is critical to avoid issues about bad breath and abscessed teeth. You should maintain a regular habit of brushing your teeth and flossing which removes small debris of food and chunks of rotten meat between your teeth. You can use toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash to maintain your oral hygiene to get rid of the bad breath temporarily. But, if the problem persists then it can be related to a wide range of factors like liver or kidney disease, sinus or lung infections. Some individuals try to cover their bad breath with perfume which aggravates the issue as the odor from their mouth.

Bad breath can smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. It stinks and makes your oral cavity feel sweaty. Your teeth are also at risk of abscess formation due to unhygienic conditions within your oral cavity leading to bacterial formation. These bacterial formations can occur under the gums. The tongue is one of the major sources of such bacterial infection as it should be scraped after brushing and flossing your teeth. You should also consider going for regular checkups with your dentist and brush at least twice a day. You need to make sure that food shouldn’t linger in your mouth. Flossing may not prevent bad breath but it can prevent susceptible bacterial infection due to debris of food stuck in between your teeth. Scraping your tongue helps to get rid of decaying cells, leftover debris, or layers of food particles mixed with your saliva clinging to your tongue. Afterward, you should spit out the saliva and rinse your mouth with clean water from the tap.


Suggested Eat for Better Oral Hygiene

One should always plan or discuss their proposed diet with their dentist and dietitian before embarking on purchasing food products from the market as certain food products have the potential to aggravate the situation and make it worse. They cling to your teeth and tongue after meals and lead to abscessed teeth due to bacterial formation. You can opt for food items high in fibers along with vegetables and dairy products like milk. They strengthen your teeth and change the outlook of your overall oral hygiene.

Patients suffering from bad breath and abscessed teeth are advised to go for natural raw foods like apples, carrots, and celery. They boost your ability to fight off any infection and keep your teeth strong and healthy. It also helps you to get rid of plaque formation and scraps off bacterial buildup in your mouth. You can avoid eating dessert before going to bed as too much dessert can cause a chain reaction of debris buildup leading to tooth decay and bad breath. The only way you can keep yourself safe from such scenarios is to brush regularly after meals and use flossing to remove excess debris in between the teeth. Once you keep yourself clean orally, the bacterial formation will decrease gradually and your breath will turn out to be fresh and revitalizing.


Keeping your Oral Cavity Free of Germs

To keep your oral cavity free of germs, you can consider avoiding overfeeding your mouth as excess debris and food particles can rot leading to bacterial infection and abscessed teeth. Try to avoid refined food and white sugar as they are one of the leading causes of setting off an odor due to poor oral hygiene and increased bacterial formation. You can try natural products like probiotics as it is better than mouthwash thinking that it will eliminate all forms of bacteria from our oral cavity. Most importantly, we should be aware that such products have the potential to kill good bacteria as well which works all around our mouth to keep our oral cavity healthy with better breath quality. It is important to maintain good bacteria vs bad bacteria ratio in our oral cavity. Probiotics help us to maintain the ratio and keep our mouth fresh and healthy.

Moreover, some individuals prefer to fight off bad breath and abscessed gum using artificial saliva as dry mouth can cause a wide range of diseases leading to gum infection and tooth decay. You should consider drinking plenty of water as it keeps your mouth fresh and removes all unnecessary debris from your mouth, keeping it clean and maintaining oral hygiene. There are certain medications as well which can cause dry mouth. One should consult with their physician before taking such medications as it can dry out your tongue and teeth, leading to odor formation inside your oral cavity. Sometimes, while sleeping, we unconsciously breathe through our mouth instead of our nose which can lead to a wide range of bacterial formation in our mouth due to respiratory pathogens. We should use over-the-counter nasal decongestants to breathe normally through our nose and use chin straps if necessary.


Things to Avoid to Maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene

Smoking can harm us a lot in terms of degrading our oral hygiene as it causes dry mouth with less saliva formation. To fight off bad breath, we should avoid smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco products. It can lead to a wide range of dental issues including abscessed teeth. Saliva helps us to keep our oral cavity clean and fight off the odor. Also, many individuals prefer to chew sugary gums thinking that it might prevent the bacterial formation and keep the breath fresh. But, in reality, it does the opposite as it feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth with excess sugar and causes additional colonies of bacteria to build up and cause bad breath. You should opt for more natural products like eating fruits and vegetables instead of masking your bad breath using sugary products like chewing gums to temporarily fix the issue. Certain sugar-free chewing gums sweetened with xylitol can prevent bad bacterial formulation but their usage should be limited. Overall, you should focus more on maintaining healthy oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly and eating a planned diet free of bacterial causing substances to avoid instances of bad breath and abscessed teeth.


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